About Us

Ending Violence Across Manitoba Inc. (EVA Manitoba) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to foster the coordination and collaboration of programs, organizations and government that work together to end domestic and sexual violence in our province.

The purpose of EVA Manitoba is:

  1. To provide resources and support for programs working with victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.
  2. To provide training on issues related to domestic violence and sexual violence.
  3. To support research on issues related to domestic violence and sexual violence.
  4. To offer training, education and consultation on technology and domestic violence through the Tech Safety Project.
  5. To work in partnership with anti-violence organizations within Manitoba and across Canada.

A Coordinated Response to Violence includes:

  • Interventions to increase women’s safety
  • Interventions to assist children
  • Interventions to assist men
  • Interventions to assist extended family members
  • Interventions to assist the larger community

Intimate partner violence is gender-based violence and we support initiatives that end violence against women. Our language refers to she/her when referring to the person being abused and he/him when referring to the abuser. EVA MB also acknowledges that men can be victimized by women and that violence and abuse can occur within same-sex relationships.

Our goal is to work towards ending domestic and sexual violence for all Manitobans.